Hyper Beau is a creative consultancy based in London and Paris, serving sharp strategy and stunning design for modern brands.

Strategy rooted in cultural analysis and visual semiotics. Design rooted in analogue arts and creative technology.  All brought to bear on your brand so you are polished, striking and impossible to ignore. 



Our output is whatever the discovery tells us your brand needs. This might be a product, a new colour palette, a digital installation, a new name, a film, or some new thing no-one’s thought of. Yet.

Projects are supported by small teams with world-class talent so we work briskly and you spend efficiently. We don’t have any junior account handlers or receptionists, so you won’t have to learn their names or be reminded of what they do. Or pay for their time.

Collectively, we have more than 50 years of experience creating meaningful and beautiful brands across luxury, culture, beauty, media, food, travel, tech and banking. Before launching Hyper Beau, we were lucky to bring design and strategy to inspiring, world-class brands such as L’Oreal, Chanel, Virgin Atlantic, The Guardian, Starling Bank, Google, L’Officiel magazine, and the French Ministry of Culture.

Most recently, we’ve been rebranding the No. 1 classical music radio network in the USA, and innovating in beauty and female healthcare with cosmetics disruptor; Pelham Group.

If you’ve been eyeing us from across the dance floor, come say hi.


ABOUT USBlack and white photograph of Sarah BlackmanSarah Blackman is the founder of Hyper Beau, an innovation leader and creative strategist with over 20 years working in Advertising and Branding, for award winning agencies across London, Paris and Berlin.